Hello, my name is Jim Weigandt,

I'm a front-end web developer.


I am an imaginative front-end developer located in Omaha, NE looking to continue my career in the software industry. I previously held roles in a more customer-facing capacity within tech but knew I needed more sophistication in my day-to-day work.

Currently, my main focus with web development is UI/UX Design with an emphasis on code efficiency and responsiveness.

Based on my experience, I am able to combine my desire to face technical challenges with my affinity to design. Let's make something remarkable.

Web Development Skills

Complimentary Skills



Web Development Student

Intensive web course learning front-end web development.

  • Mastered languages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery
  • Versed in important web design and web responsive best-practices
  • Exposure to additional JavaScript frameworks of Vue.js, React, and Angular
  • Conceptual understanding of AJAX requests, JSON, APIs, and SQL

Revenue Operations Systems Specialist

SaaS company aiming to bring value and video to every moment in sports.

  • Contributed to development of Salesforce projects from inception to launch
  • Worked within the Agile framework of Scrum
  • Participated in the integration of Zendesk into Salesforce
  • Problem-solved as an individual and team on project ideas and roadblocks
  • Documented changes, updates and best practices to Salesforce instance

Sales Operations Coordinator

SaaS company aiming to bring value and video to every moment in sports.

  • Influenced priority and planning of various Salesforce related projects
  • Communicated updates to project participants in a timely and direct manner
  • Solved issues and managed daily request from Salesforce users
  • Helped managed various projects for Sales Operations team
  • Main liaison between sales operations and other work departments

Sales Representative

SaaS company aiming to bring value and video to every moment in sports.

  • Sold Hudl software and hardware to high school and club basketball teams
  • Provided teaching demos to prospective customers
  • Overcame sales objections to help drive company revenue
  • Operated Salesforce from a user perspective to ensure a consistent pipeline

Customer Support Specialist

SaaS company aiming to bring value and video to every moment in sports.

  • Responded to inbound and outbound support tickets via phone, email, and chats
  • Ensured world-class customer support using advanced product knowledge
  • Provided cross-browser and cross-operating system support for customers
  • Using SQL queries to understand user behavior, tell user stories, prove out concepts, provide justification for potential business solutions
  • Led new-hire sessions on most technical products offered

B.A., Communications Studies

Dedicated to Letters and All the Arts.

  • Achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications Studies
  • Studied various of kinds communication such as nonverbal, interpersonal, and gender
  • Examined how communication appears in popular culture, social media, and business
  • Achieved a minor in History